Synonyms for Wound:


step on someone's toes, trade blows/insults, speak/talk out of turn, snub. gash, strain, disable, cut, scrape. fracture, self-injury, disturb, sprain, bruising, concussion, loss, upset, trouble, bother. woe, wretchedness, happy. injury (noun)
gash, lesion, hurt, pang, torture, anguish, damage, distress, torment, cut, grief, bruise, pain, harm.
pain (noun)
infliction, grief, affliction, bite, Back Ache, agony, cramp, malaise, crick, burn, stab, throb, smarting, earache, spasm, torment, pang, gripe, wrench, distress, sting, suffering, stitch, injury, throe, headache, chafing, misery, anguish, Migraine, bruise, rack, discomfort, painfulness, torture, pain, irritation, sore, inflammation.
state (noun)
twisted (noun)
twined, wreathed, tired, covered, wrapped.
wound (noun)
injure, wounding, hurt, lesion, coiled, combat injury, injury, spite, offend, bruise.


cause bodily damage (verb)
scrape, injure.
cause mental hurt (verb)
offend, upset, trouble, bother, disturb, sting.
convoluted (verb)
turned, Meandered, winded, coiled, convoluted, twisted.
injure (verb)
hurt, damage, harm, ache, injure, offend, mangle.

Other synonyms:

snub, self-injury, Traumatism, concussion, disable, sprain. loss, wretchedness, fracture, bruising, woe. disturb, cut. bother. upset. scrape. strain. slash

Usage examples for wound

  1. Suddenly the captain wound up his line and said he thought we'd better be going in, and Kate and I looked at him with surprise. – Deephaven and Selected Stories & Sketches by Sarah Orne Jewett
  2. He kept a careful hand on the wound – The Boy Scouts on a Submarine by Captain John Blaine