Synonyms for Storage:


charge, worth, bill, offer, expense, outlay, price, rate, cost, fee. agglomeration, batch, battery, assemblage, bale, bevy, assembly, assortment. armoury, bunker, bonded warehouse, boathouse, cubbyhole. CD RW, CDE, buffer, blu-ray, cache memory, CD ROM, cd-r, cd, boot disk. in escrow, pack rat, maintenance. container (noun)
wallet, drum, jar, drawer, vat, purse, sack, cup, flask, case, stomach, bottle, crate, container, jug, tray, receptacle, cask, chest, basket, shelf, cabinet, belly, ladle, suitcase, tank, barrel, trunk, can, decanter, box, holder, pocket, bag, bucket, reservoir, bowl, pouch, bladder.
depository (noun)
cache, storehouse, arsenal, entrepot, depot, larder, repository, stockpile, commissary, emporium.
room (noun)
area, accommodation.
storage (noun)
computer storage, memory board, reposition, entrepot, memory, storehouse, depot, warehousing, repositing, computer memory, store.
store (noun)
Corncrib, hayloft, library, grocery, warehouse, repository, stockpile, emporium, hoard, commissary, storehouse, bin, depot, depository, locker, treasure, safe, crib, cupboard, armory, store, closet, arsenal, lumberyard, storeroom, supermarket, archive, vault, coffer, granary, cache, larder, market, accumulation, cellar, silo, buttery, mart, bank.

Other synonyms:

pack rat. maintenance. Other relevant words:
computer memory, memory board, charge, warehousing, reposition, computer storage, fee, bunker, repositing, maintenance, bonded warehouse, entrepot, memory.

Usage examples for storage

  1. " I'd like you to understand just what I meant about those storage rooms, father," he said, as Jackson placed his coffee before him. – The Turmoil A Novel by Booth Tarkington