Synonyms for Landing:


combat, incursion, skirmish, war, pitched battle, campaign, mission, assault, struggle, battle. air traffic control, airdrop, harbor, airlift, dock, airspeed, airborne, aerobatics, AIR CORRIDOR, aerospace, air pocket, wharf, pier, air-to-air. dockyard, harbour, berth, anchorage, dry-dock, basin. dumbwaiter, ladder, handrail, flight, escalator, banister, fire escape, elevator, bannister. plunge, descent, stumble, trip, slip, pratfall, fall, tumble. arrival (noun)
approach, reception, homecoming, welcome, destination, landfall, touchdown, arrival, entrance, fulfillment, ingress, return, attainment, debarkation, accomplishment, achievement, appearance, advent.
harbor (noun)
berth, slip, landing place, wharf, pier, dock, anchorage.
landing (noun)
landing place.


acquiring (verb)
Annexing, purchasing, Pocketing, assuming, fetching, harvesting, Obtaining, Reaping, Adding, Amassing, Garnering, Receiving, collecting, Claiming, Capturing, buying, netting, Luring, acquiring, winning, Cornering, catching, Securing, Heaping, Palming, Retrieving, bagging, taking, incurring, scoring, wrangling, Procuring, getting, Accumulating.
arriving (verb)
Accomplishing, Attaining, entering, arriving, Debarking, coming.

Other synonyms:

dockyard, handrail, escalator, dry-dock, fire escape, elevator, banister. basin, pratfall, anchorage, harbor. berth, ladder. descent, flight. tumble. plunge. trip. slip. fall. wharf
Other relevant words:
fire escape, plunge, dockyard, dock, handrail, anchorage, wharf, pier, flight, harbor, basin, escalator, harbour, descent, landing place, fall, ladder, berth, slip.

Usage examples for landing

  1. The news of the landing of from fifteen to sixteen thousand men did not surprise Bonaparte, who had for some time expected it. – The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte by Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton
  2. The Preston house was only two miles away from the houseboat landing – Madge Morton's Trust by Amy D. V. Chalmers
  3. I was outside the door on a little, rotten, wooden landing from which a flight of wooden steps led downward. – Jim Davis by John Masefield