Synonyms for Cascade:


bombardment, complex, cornucopia, feast, deluge, concentration, bonanza, blizzard. domino effect, proceedings, pattern, avalanche, string, rash, line, chain reaction, train, process. bayou, bight, branch, confluence, channel, bottom, bed, backwater. forge ahead, move, head, carry on, progress, press, go, flow, walk-on, pass. droop, hang out, suspend, hang, sling, dangle. cascade (noun)
cascade down, shower.
event (noun)
something falling, especially water (noun)
shower, watercourse, RAPIDS, cataract, deluge, waterfall, avalanche.
waterfall (noun)
watercourse, waterfall, RAPIDS, water, cataract.


motion (verb)
cascade down.

Other synonyms:

cornucopia, droop, RAPIDS, bight, bonanza, waterfall, bayou. bombardment, confluence, hang out, backwater, blizzard, dangle, avalanche. deluge, feast, suspend, complex, bottom. concentration. bed. channel. branch. hang, sling. head. string. Other relevant words:
bottom, cornucopia, flow, concentration, bonanza, waterfall, deluge, backwater, droop, bed, feast, pass, watercourse, avalanche, hang, bombardment, go, move, channel, bight, dangle, RAPIDS, bayou, cataract.

Usage examples for cascade

  1. The king mounts a magnificent gray horse, with a mane and tail like the broken rush of a cascade – Castilian Days by John Hay
  2. At the sound of the stormy entry she merely raised her head; but at sight of her visitor, she was on her feet in an instant, the heap of muslin flowing in a blue cascade from her lap to the floor. – Max by Katherine Cecil Thurston