Synonyms for Feeder:


ball bearing, bearing, button, bucket, cam, camshaft, belt, chamber, ancillary, carriage. artery, avenue, bypass, boulevard, byroad, byway, blacktop, beltway, approach, B-road. fast, impassable, one-way, tight, slow, two-way, sharp, passable, arterial. beck, brook, canal, rill, hot spring, river, geyser, creek, artesian well. baby, bairn, blue baby, bundle of joy, babe in arms, designer baby, infant, foundling, babe. breadbox, caddy, cookie jar, canister, crib, Baggie, can, coolbox, bread-bin, cake tin. carnivore, herbivore, hunter, ruminant, predator, scavenger, omnivore, insectivore, cannibal. feeder (noun)
self-feeder, eater, affluent, tributary.

Other synonyms:

bairn, hot spring, geyser, omnivore, insectivore, impassable, designer baby, herbivore, ruminant, brook, bundle of joy, river, artesian well, rill, beck, blue baby, babe, foundling. arterial, baby, carnivore, infant, cannibal, babe in arms, canal, creek. two-way, one-way, hunter. slow. tight, fast. sharp. Other relevant words:
beck, fast, canal, foundling, herbivore, cannibal, hunter, insectivore, brook, bairn, infant, carnivore, rill, one-way, arterial, omnivore, creek, ruminant, geyser, slow, two-way, river, crib.

Usage examples for feeder

  1. Likewise it will serve the corn, although a heavier application will be needed because corn is a heavy feeder – Crops and Methods for Soil Improvement by Alva Agee