Synonyms for Accomplice:


administrative assistant, aid, advance person. help, conspirator, Crimes. accomplice (noun)
assistant (noun)
lieutenant, flunky, agent, henchman, attendant, proxy, employee, adjunct, servant, patsy, second, ancillary, helpmate, subordinate, acolyte, stooge, laborer, chaperone, underling, aide-de-camp, accessory, extra, aide, helper, benefactor, partner, minion, menial, hireling, backer, attorney, functionary, abettor, junior, deputy, Aider, associate, assistant, auxiliary, follower.
confederate (noun)
colleague, ally, supporter.
follower (noun)
person (noun)
schemer (noun)

Other synonyms:

advance person, administrative assistant. conspirator, aid, help. Other relevant words:
help, abettor, aid, conspirator, confederate, Crimes.

Usage examples for accomplice

  1. What was more, she induced him to be an accomplice in deception. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. It was characteristic of the man that even in this emergency he had no thought of following his cowardly accomplice in flight. – Hidden Gold by Wilder Anthony
  3. God knows what will become of his accomplice – Catherine de' Medici by Honore de Balzac