Synonyms for Condensation:


balance, calorific, absorbance, consolidation, centrifugal force, capillary action, concentration, air resistance, centripetal force, amplitude, bonding, attraction. essence, spatter, sip, drop, splash, river, trickle, jet, leak, moisture. words, brief. abridgment (noun)
compendium, brief, compression, contraction, digest, abstract, reduction, essence, epitome, synopsis, summary, consolidation, concentration.
condensation (noun)
abridgment, contraction, condensate, condensing, abridgement, capsule, compression.
contraction (noun)
abridgement, shrinkage, contraction, deflation, abbreviation, compaction, compression.
interpretation (noun)
commentary, interpretation, decoding, rendition, rephrasing, transcription, elucidation, analysis, explanation, translation, restatement, Paraphrasing, facsimile, version, decipherment, comment.
shortness (noun)
brevity, smallness, shortness, abridgment, succinctness, runtiness, Stumpiness, conciseness, lowness, puniness.
shrinkage (noun)
Diminishment, reduction.
synopsis (noun)
digest, compendium, epitome, overview, precis, abstract, sketch, resume, prospectus, synopsis, summary, outline, excerpt.
water buildup (noun)

Other synonyms:

trickle, river. jet. splash. brief. drop. precipitation
Other relevant words:
river, moisture, drop, leak, capsule, words, condensing, absorbance, sip, attraction, spatter, jet, calorific, essence, abbreviation, bonding, condensate, balance, concentration, brief, amplitude, trickle, consolidation, splash.

Usage examples for condensation

  1. Gilbert White, in The Natural History of Selborne, refers to these ponds in a very interesting letter on the subject, including details of condensation by trees, in which he gives an instance of a particular pond, high up on the Down, 300 feet above his house, and situated in such a position that it was impossible for it to receive any water from springs or drainage, which " though never above three feet deep in the middle, and not more than thirty feet in diameter, and containing, perhaps, not more than two or three hundred hogsheads of water, yet never is known to fail, though it affords drink for three hundred or four hundred sheep, and for at least twenty head of large cattle besides." – Grain and Chaff from an English Manor by Arthur H. Savory