Synonyms for Menace:


peeve, calamity, annoyance, drag, vexation, intimidation, irritation, warning, caution, joke, pest, irritant. show your teeth, warn. danger (noun)
ominousness, perilousness, danger, threat, Endangerment, unsafeness, jeopardy, treachery, hazard, risk.
danger; pest (noun)
intimidation, warning, risk, jeopardy, caution, annoyance, threat, hazard, peril.
menace (noun)
threaten, threat, peril, jeopardise, endanger, jeopardize, imperil.
state (noun)


bother, frighten (verb)
imperil, endanger, threaten, jeopardize.
endanger (verb)
imperil, endanger, threaten, jeopardize.

Other synonyms:

Sword Of Damocles, pest, joke. calamity, irritant, fear, annoyance, peeve, gambling, intimidation, vexation. irritation. drag. take a chance
Other relevant words:
pest, caution, annoyance, intimidation, warn, irritant, peeve, warning, fear, peril, Sword Of Damocles, jeopardise.

Usage examples for menace

  1. To call this in question is to menace the very existence of the Union which is founded upon it. – The Right of American Slavery by True Worthy Hoit
  2. " She shall not escape," said Miss Aiken, with bitter menace – Victor Ollnee's Discipline by Hamlin Garland
  3. After this menace the chief ordered his servants to go to bird- hunting. – Northern California, Oregon, and the Sandwich Islands by Charles Nordhoff