Synonyms for Calculated:


all (adjective)
deliberate, measured.
deliberate (adjective)
intended, intentional, premeditated, Schemed, conscious, studied, planned, willful, voluntary, considered.
deliberately planned (adjective)
premeditated, intended, deliberate, planned.
figured by mathematical calculation (adjective)
estimated, figured, Tallied, Computed, determined, Reckoned.
measured (adjective)
evaluated, benchmarked, Computed, scaled, Scored, quantized, Appraised, measured, quantified, estimated, Rated, calibrated, ranked, Surveyed, tested.


consciously, deliberately, on purpose, calculated to do something, by design, knowingly. advised, studious, wise. purpose. calculated (noun)
deliberate, measured, premeditated, derived, calculable.


calculated (verb)
presumed, evaluated, figured, Inferred, Gauged, plotted, Approximated, multiplied, Rated, Deduced, totaled, Accounted, determined, Judged, divided, Appraised, Enumerated, planned, rationalized, studied, added, Scored, valued, considered, Computed, scheduled, quantized, Surmised, Tallied, Weighed, measured, programmed, Assessed, quantified, Counted, systematized, Reckoned, concluded, Summed, thought, estimated, Schemed, Triangulated, Guessed, ranked, supposed.
measured (verb)
quantified, ranked, evaluated, estimated, Surveyed, Appraised, Scored, tested, benchmarked, scaled, Computed, calibrated, Rated, quantized, measured.
thought (verb)
imagined, Mused, Pondered, reasoned, Brooded, Speculated, Debated, Deliberated, reflected, daydreamed, analyzed, envisioned, Meditated, cerebrated, Cogitated, Contemplated, concentrated.

Other synonyms:

deliberately. advised, consciously, knowingly. studious. Other relevant words:
knowingly, derived, calculable, on purpose, studious, wise, deliberate, advised, consciously.

Usage examples for calculated

  1. They had therefore naturally calculated as far as their wild spirits calculated at all, on the same effects from the same causes. – Maid Marian by Thomas Love Peacock
  2. If there is any subject calculated to move our souls to their very centres, and to call out the enthusiasm of our nature, surely it is religion, if it be the real thing. – Godliness by Catherine Booth
  3. He calculated the chances, and made an intelligent use of such assistance as could be had. – Jack Tier or The Florida Reef by James Fenimore Cooper