Synonyms for Bull:


Billy Goat, animal, ox, sire, calf, boy, boar, dog, cockerel, beast, steer, bullock, cow, buck, brute, alpha male, male. buyer, financier, falsehood, lie, businessperson, seller, misinformation, speculator, disinformation, a tissue of lies, white lie, half-truth, untruth, fabrication, invention. gendarme, constable, push, Bluecoat, man, law, peace officer, patrolman, policeman, heat, policewoman, thrust aside, shoulder, police, flatfoot, finest, shove, patrolwoman, prod, thrust, jar, peeler, jab, police officer, officer, strain, bobby, heave. rigmarole, claptrap, blather, tommyrot, drivel, bunkum, piffle, hooey, malarkey, knowledge, poppycock, applesauce, trash, bunk, balderdash, twaddle, idiocy, tomfoolery, bilge, garbage. catholicism (noun)
confession, altar boy, apostolic, confess, catholic, conclave, catholicism, anglo-catholic.
detective (noun)
guff (noun)
lawman (noun)
nonsense (noun)
baloney, trash, balderdash, rubbish, bilge, bunkum, claptrap.

Other synonyms:

bearish, bobby, bear market, bilge, policeman, flatfoot, cow, nonsense, Billy Goat, patrolwoman, hooey, gendarme, buck, policewoman, applesauce, ox, tommyrot, piffle, bullock, malarkey, baloney, sire, finest, bid price, Bluecoat, buyer, constable, bondholder, boar, alpha male, peeler, broker-dealer, bull market. blather, male, patrolman, bullish, garbage, peace officer, dog, twaddle, balderdash, rigmarole. claptrap, steer, boy, drivel, rubbish, police. officer, idiocy, tomfoolery, bid, poppycock. trash. man. heat. law. catholicism
confession, altar boy, apostolic, confess, catholic, conclave, catholicism, anglo-catholic.
police officer.
Other relevant words:
claptrap, flatfoot, broker-dealer, tommyrot, poppycock, sire, bid, buyer, tomfoolery, rubbish, male, garbage, gendarme, dog, Bluecoat, trash, finest, bilge, conclave, jar, baloney, police officer, confession, shove, bullish, peace officer, bearish, untruth, beast, patrolman, man, bunk, financier, jab, cow, animal, bobby, steer, police, idiocy, half-truth, ox, law, malarkey, constable, boar, shoulder, nonsense, drivel, heave, catholic, hooey, prod, balderdash, disinformation, knowledge, blather, confess, falsehood, lie, strain, anglo-catholic, Billy Goat, officer, catholicism, brute, thrust, fabrication, heat, policewoman, bullock, invention, piffle, bondholder, seller, rigmarole, apostolic, calf, misinformation, boy, businessperson, cockerel, patrolwoman, speculator, bunkum, applesauce, peeler, push, twaddle, buck, policeman.

Usage examples for bull

  1. " But the Bull cannot be my fortune," she cried in terror. – The Scottish Fairy Book by Elizabeth W. Grierson
  2. But long before Bull Page reached Calabasas that day de Spain had acted. – Nan of Music Mountain by Frank H. Spearman
  3. " I think I could," said Bull – Bull Hunter by Max Brand