Synonyms for Immortalize:


overexpose, globalize, popularise, put someone/something on the map, popularize, globalise. perpetuate, continue. immortalize (noun)
eternise, record, memorialise, memorialize, immortalise, commemorate, eternalize, eternize, eternalise.
memorialize (noun)
celebrate, deify, canonize, ennoble, praise.


memorialize (verb)
commemorate, celebrate, deify, praise, ennoble, canonize.

Other synonyms:

perpetuate. popularize, globalize. overexpose. keep going
Other relevant words:
overexpose, globalise, popularise, popularize, praise, continue, celebrate, ennoble, globalize, perpetuate, canonize, deify.

Usage examples for immortalize

  1. During his childhood, he had shown considerable talent for carving statuettes in chalk, and he finally decided to immortalize his father by carving a portrait bust of him. – American Men of Mind by Burton E. Stevenson
  2. She was a good deal disappointed at that, but still very ready to help with anything calculated to immortalize her wee home by emblazoning it on the imperishable celluloid. – Down the Columbia by Lewis R. Freeman