Synonyms for Plans:


calculations (noun)
approximations, deductions, methods, systems, assessments, calculations, mathematics, Evaluations, judgements, Algorithms, conclusions, divisions, statistics, computations, estimations, valuations, thoughts, considerations, presumptions, appraisals, determinations, inferences, suppositions, Measurements.
drawings (noun)
still lifes, tracings, depictions, sketches, charcoals, masterpieces, landscapes, diagrams, illustrations, Portraits, water colors, scenes, doodles, drawings, pastels, Cartoons, renderings, pictures, paintings.
ideas (noun)
inspirations, observations, brainstorms, opinions, principles, images, concepts, notions, reflections, Theories, Perceptions, Visions, inklings.
intentions (noun)
Policies, forecasts, Goals, Prospectuses, wishes, endeavors, choices, forethoughts, strategies, proposals, agendas, procedures, Wills, ambitions, expectations, objects, approaches, Ideas, scenarios, Intentions, aims.
outline (noun)
program, sketch, plan.
plans (noun)
blueprints, contrivances, anticipations, arrangements, inventions, propositions, conceptions.


calculates (verb)
accounts, Tallies, evaluates, deduces, judges, scores, triangulates, Studies, infers, concludes, figures, appraises, counts, weighs, thinks, guesses, Measures, plots, divides, presumes, rates, Programs, totals, adds, supposes, estimates, gauges, assesses, computes, values, schemes, systematizes, rationalizes, sums, calculates, reckons, enumerates, surmises, determines, quantizes, multiplies, approximates, Schedules, ranks, considers, quantifies.
imagines (verb)
creates, imagines, reflects, perceives, contemplates, theorizes, fantasizes, opines, Daydreams, envisions, observes.
intends (verb)
chooses, intends, resolves, means, minds, proposes, expects.
orders (verb)
places, fixes, grades, schematizes, shapes, organizes, normalizes, Rights, designs, prepares, settles, Classes, pigeonholes, charts, Forms, controls, stratifies, groups, harmonizes, casts, types, frames, mediates, structures, methodizes, adjusts, supports, orchestrates, orders, screens, unifies, sets, Marshals, sifts, maintains, arrays, sorts, devises, classifies, stabilizes, separates, unsnarls, collates, arranges, subordinates, establishes, categorizes, composes, regulates, balances, integrates.
outlines (verb)
represents, silhouettes, outlines, drafts, profiles, draws, traces, circumscribes, contours, delineates.
plans (verb)
premeditates, anticipates, coordinates, conceives, invents, contrives.
predetermines (verb)
devises, predetermines, designs, premeditates.

Other synonyms:

program. Other relevant words:
program, sketch, plan.

Usage examples for plans

  1. And so we made our plans – Between You and Me by Sir Harry Lauder
  2. He said one of his plans had failed. – The Guilty River by Wilkie Collins
  3. Mary took the plans into his office and showed them to him. – Mary Minds Her Business by George Weston