Synonyms for Scintillating:


bright (adjective)
dazzling, radiating, beaming, luminous, illuminating, fiery, shimmering, glaring, blazing, glowing, lustrous, luminescent, radiant, sparkling, shining, brilliant, incandescent, glinting, bright, lurid, well lit, neon, glistening, vivid, fluorescent, flashing, glittering, garish, phosphorescent, flaring, blinding, fulgid, gleaming, lucid.
bright, stimulating (adjective)
dazzling, glinting, exciting, flashing, glittering, witty, brilliant, gleaming, clever, smart, sparkling, lively, shining.
witty (adjective)
cunning, astute, facetious, clever, dry, sarcastic, foxy, joking, scurrilous, quick-witted, ingenious, wily, jocular, pithy, pointed, shrewd, tricky, sharp, brilliant, adroit, crafty, droll, intelligent, sly, canny, funny, smart, sophisticated, subtle, deft, inventive, urbane, resourceful, quick, comical, artful, witty, sparkling, waggish.


laughter. interesting (noun)
fascinating, thought-provoking, newsworthy, interesting, original, alive, gripping, intriguing, exciting, spellbinding.
scintillating (noun)
intelligent, glittering, glinting, sparkling, fulgid, sparkly, glistering, effervescent, scintillant, bright, coruscant, lively, bubbling, aglitter, glittery.


lighting (verb)
flooding, lighting, spotting, firing, incandescing, fluorescing.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
effervescent, glittery, sparkly, intriguing, coruscant, bubbling, original, exciting, fulgid, thought-provoking, alive, laughter, newsworthy, spellbinding, lively, fascinating, interesting, scintillant, glistering, gripping, aglitter.

Usage examples for scintillating

  1. His remarkable and uncommon cast of features had no niche in my recollection, and yet I knew that in some crucial moment I had looked into those pale and scintillating eyes. – The House by the Lock by C. N. Williamson
  2. His note with the instrument was a scintillating skit and was answered in kind. – Andrew the Glad by Maria Thompson Daviess
  3. The two inner planets, Mercury and Venus, were now very close to the blood red orb whose scintillating dazzling brilliance had been lost in its cooling process. – The Jameson Satellite by Neil Ronald Jones