Synonyms for Road:


thruway, drive, beltway, approach, freeway, trail, expressway, artery, bypass, trace, blacktop, underpass, terrace, boulevard, interstate, viaduct, slab, B-road, turnpike, byroad, drag, paving, overpass, byway, crossroad, parkway, causeway, superhighway. scheme, BLVD, close, backstreet, crescent, plan, cul de sac, Dr., Ave. means, manner, method, basis, move, system, open, technique, tactic, mode, procedure. avenue (noun)
detour (noun)
expressway (noun)
freeway (noun)
beltway, interstate, thruway.
on tour (noun)
traveling, en route, on the way.
path upon which travel occurs (noun)
expressway, drive, turnpike, thruway, trail, terrace, drag, viaduct, artery, parkway, boulevard, byway, crossroad.

Other synonyms:

boulevard, thruway, freeway, artery, crossroad, approach. turnpike. drive. highway
Other relevant words:
freeway, technique, approach, artery, blacktop, mode, turnpike, byroad, underpass, superhighway, B-road, crossroad, paving, procedure, terrace, trail, means, BLVD, crescent, thruway, close, tactic, backstreet, traveling, parkway, trace, beltway, interstate, slab, basis, byway, bypass, causeway, overpass, viaduct, cul de sac, plan, method, open, drive, expressway, drag, move, Ave, manner, system, scheme, boulevard.

Usage examples for road

  1. And now get ready for the road – The Boy Slaves by Mayne Reid
  2. Is that the road that we are going in? – Jonas on a Farm in Winter by Jacob Abbott