Synonyms for Hades:


heaven, afterlife, paradise, the next life, the (great) beyond, the hereafter, eternity, infernal. dystopia, the Promised Land, camelot, the Bates Motel, el dorado, never-never land, fairyland, arcadia, land. hades (noun)
hel, aides, netherworld, underworld, scheol, pluto, aidoneus, infernal region.
hell (noun)
gehenna, oven, limbo, inferno, bedlam, morass, mire, styx, furnace, abyss, horror, purgatory, holocaust.

Other synonyms:

dystopia, the Bates Motel, infernal, heaven, arcadia, paradise, never-never land, the Promised Land, camelot, afterlife, fairyland, the hereafter, el dorado. eternity. land. Other relevant words:
hel, dystopia, netherworld, arcadia, paradise, aidoneus, scheol, infernal region, aides, afterlife, pluto, camelot, heaven, underworld, land.

Usage examples for hades

  1. And at the hotels where we go on shore, it's Hades – It Happened in Egypt by C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson
  2. It expresses Browning's highest conception of the union of soul with soul: Therewith her whole soul entered into his, He looked the look back, and Alkestis died- died only to be rejected by Hades as still living, and with a more potent life, in her husband's heart and will. – Robert Browning by Edward Dowden