Synonyms for Attorney:


the bar, bailiff, Attorney General, the bench, chief justice, circuit judge, clerk. ambulance chaser, law. agent (noun)
go-between, intermediary, ombudsman, instrument, middleman, impresario, vehicle, factor, operative, agency, liaison, broker, executor, actor, mediator.
assistant (noun)
ancillary, patsy, proxy, menial, junior, underling, hireling, acolyte, auxiliary, adjunct, accomplice, employee, benefactor, flunky, backer, partner, stooge, assistant, accessory, aide-de-camp, helper, minion, extra, servant, follower, henchman, deputy, chaperone, Aider, helpmate, associate, subordinate, abettor, functionary, agent, attendant, aide, laborer, lieutenant, second.
attorney (noun)
deputy (noun)
dummy, surrogate, arm, nominee, stand in, mouthpiece, token, backup, understudy, spokeswoman, emissary, delegate, substitute, double, alternate, ghost, assignee, spokesman, representative, appointee, figurehead, envoy.
lawyer (noun)
counselor, legal adviser, counsel, mouthpiece, shyster, solicitor, notary public, ambulance chaser, barrister, lawyer, advocate, proxy.
person (noun)

Other synonyms:

chief justice, Attorney General, ambulance chaser, clerk, bailiff, circuit judge. Other relevant words:
ambulance chaser, advocate, clerk, attorney-at-law, bailiff.

Usage examples for attorney

  1. Your brother met an honourable death at Lahore; with the utmost difficulty I myself succeeded in getting away from India under the protection of Attorney General Kennedy and his family. – The Coming Conquest of England by August Niemann
  2. Two days ago, the detective went on quietly, old Mr. Blackburn came to the court house in Smithtown and asked for the best detective the district attorney could put his hand on. – The Abandoned Room by Wadsworth Camp
  3. There is no doubt in the world about that, said the attorney – Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope