Synonyms for Detective:


allegory, black comedy, adaptation, epic, cock-and-bull story, drama, classic, comedy, anecdote. captain, CDR, sleuth, gumshoe, cadet, dick, commissioner, eye, investigate, chief of police, bobby, constable, deputy. Sherlock Holmes, store detective. detective (noun)
investigator, police detective, tec.
investigator (noun)
investigator of crime (noun)
constable, tail, gumshoe, Sherlock Holmes, dick, bloodhound, police officer, reporter, eye, bull, agent, eavesdropper, private investigator, flatfoot, shadow, prosecutor, shamus, analyst, private eye, sleuth, fed, slewfoot, cop.
person (noun)
investigator, police detective, tec.
policeman (noun)
police officer (noun)
criminologist, bobby, sleuth, bloodhound, dick, sherlock, newshound, bull, bug artist, copper, constable, eavesdropper, reporter, polygraphist, cop, wiretapper, shamus, minion of the law, gumshoe, hawkshaw, private investigator, pi, police officer, narc, slewfoot, police sergeant, fed, g-man, policeman, patrolman, narcotics agent, shadow, Scotland Yard man, flatfoot, private eye, member of a crime detection squad, plainclothesman, Fbi Agent, analyst, operative, prosecutor, agent, tail.
private detective (noun)
dick, tec.

Other synonyms:

black comedy, comedy, cock-and-bull story, Sherlock Holmes, allegory, private eye, dick, store detective, private investigator, anecdote, gumshoe, sleuth. adaptation. classic, drama. eye. policeman
police officer.
Other relevant words:
commissioner, bloodhound, reporter, anecdote, constable, prosecutor, Sherlock Holmes, bobby, sleuth, classic, bull, cop, policeman, flatfoot, captain, shamus, private investigator, tail, drama, eavesdropper, police officer, investigate, narc, eye, slewfoot, operative, deputy, dick, patrolman, hawkshaw, fed, private eye, chief of police, sherlock, plainclothesman, store detective, investigator, copper, analyst, gumshoe, police sergeant, agent, shadow.

Usage examples for detective

  1. I have a hard detective eye. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. Okewood, he cried gaily, what do you say to a little detective work? – Okewood of the Secret Service by Valentine Williams
  3. The detective was not far wrong. – Round the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne