Synonyms for Worker:


blue-collar, budding, acting, designate, emeritus, casual, creative. designated hitter, hireling, ancillary, jobholder, duty officer, over, commuter, desk person, work, apparatchik, breadwinner, hire, hired hand, career woman. dissident, workingwoman, workman, liberal, Workwoman, the faithful, Workingman, independent, bipartisan, ministerial, apolitical, operative, nationalist, working girl, front, roustabout, coalition. riffraff, peasantry, underclass, the working class, the proletariat, lower class, the lowest of the low, the rabble. agent (noun)
assistant, servant, deputy, doer, actor.
assistant (noun)
carpenter (noun)
cabinetmaker, mason.
clerk (noun)
bookkeeper, secretary, stenographer, agent.
drudge (noun)
employee (noun)
hired hand, hireling, jobholder, clerk.
hand (noun)
helper, roustabout, aide.
help (noun)
auxiliary, helpmate.
mechanic (noun)
operator (noun)
draftsman, pressman, mechanic, clerk, lapping machine operator, cost accountant, chipper, sewing-machine operator, electrician, farm worker, lathe operator, artisan, photographer, auto sheet-metal worker, telephone operator, chef, data processing technician, craftsman, baker, radio operator, packager, artist, machinist, secretary, fireman, truck driver, printer, painter, automatic screw operator, textile worker, data entry operator, die sink operator, barber, furrier, cabinetmaker, telegrapher, plasterer, railroad freight clerk, white-collar worker, hydraulic press operator, jig borer operator, waitress, drill operator, beautician, handworker, locomotive engineer, Linotype operator, skilled workman, ship fitter, threading machine operator, postal clerk, field workman, master worker, conductor, coppersmith, file clerk, teletype operator, drill press operator, waiter, automobile mechanic, gold stamper, radio wirer, gear-cutting machine operator, salesman, bookkeeper, mason, pan coating man, butcher, brakeman, upholsterer, pipefitter, dairyman, stenographer, screw machine operator, cigar maker, radio repairer, paperhanger, heavy equipment operator, cosmetologist, sheet-metal worker, word processor, bricklayer, jigsaw cutter, hairdresser, pattern builder, radio assembler, cowboy, jewelry repairman, tool designer, laundry worker, punch press operator, welder, galvanizer, signalman, slinger, glassworker, division clerk, proofreader, darkroom operator, plumber, journeyman, platehanger.
roustabout (noun)
workman, workingwoman, Workingman, Workwoman, working girl.
servant (noun)
laborer, menial, flunky, henchman, helper, aide, aid, hand, peon, assistant, servant, subject, helping hand, vassal, agent, underling, auxiliary, serf, lieutenant, subordinate, help, chattel, employee, pawn, aide-de-camp, helpmate, volunteer, junior, deputy.
slave (noun)
peon, vassal, chattel.
wage earner (noun)
worker (noun)
artisan, operative, proletarian, actor, hand, doer, serf, employee, help, breadwinner, prole, laborer.

Other synonyms:

jobholder, painter, journeyman, machinist, hired hand, Workwoman, workingwoman, Workingman, plumber, working girl. artisan
roustabout, workman.
wage earner

Usage examples for worker

  1. You're a good hard worker Helen. – Betty Wales Freshman by Edith K. Dunton
  2. Rachel was quite a young woman, with a thin, muslin Quaker cap over her brown hair, and not the slightest attempt at ornament; a great worker and very thrifty in her methods. – A Little Girl in Old Philadelphia by Amanda Minnie Douglas