Synonyms for Secretary:


ally, aid, ancillary, director, agent, superintendent, aide, advance person, accomplice, manager, acolyte, administrative assistant, assistant. chief executive, alderwoman, alderman, assemblywoman, chief minister, typist, clerk, chancellor, correspondent, chancellor of the exchequer, scribe, assemblyman, recorder, copyist, cabinet minister, stenographer. discussion group, chairperson, chairwoman, chair, deputation, meeting, chairman, delegate, convener, contingent. assistant (noun)
desk (noun)
escritoire, writing table, secretaire.
office worker (noun)
assistant, typist, clerk.
secretary (noun)
secretaire, secretarial assistant, escritoire, writing table, repository.

Other synonyms:

stenographer, scribe. clerk. aide
Other relevant words:
chairman, escritoire, director, aide, recorder, chairwoman, typist, acolyte, chair, alderman, correspondent, assistant, clerk, contingent, assemblyman, superintendent, convener, chancellor, copyist, manager, deputation, accomplice, delegate, ancillary, aid, agent, meeting, scribe, assemblywoman, chairperson, ally, alderwoman, stenographer.

Usage examples for secretary

  1. " If he isn't the Lord- Lieutenant," he said, " and if he isn't the Chief Secretary will you tell me who he is?" – General John Regan 1913 by George A. Birmingham
  2. His wife and his son John were with him, and so was Cajetan Doeninger, his faithful secretary – Andreas Hofer by Lousia Muhlbach