Synonyms for Due:


appropriate, proper (adjective)
fair, rightful, coming, good, fit, just, suitable, equitable, right, deserved, fitting, merited.
ensuing (adjective)
forthcoming, impending, future, coming, approaching, ensuing, Looming, eventual, oncoming, destined.
expected (adjective)
expected, planned, scheduled, promised, anticipated.
just (adjective)
just, right, lawful, equitable, equable, good, square, honorable, even-handed, fair.
rightful (adjective)
suitable (adjective)
fitting, adequate, appropriate, proper, enough, fit, rightful, deserved.
unpaid (adjective)
unpaid, owing.


directly (adverb)
dead, straight, direct.


lost, missing, misplaced, away, absent, in absentia, unattainable, lacking, unavailable, gone. entrance, pay, inaugurate, admit, owed, receivable, admission, From, unsettled, accept, DUES, co-opt, unpaid, owing, payable, go over to, outstanding. customary, merited, deserved, characteristic, fit, prototypical, archetypal, traditional, suitable, appropriate, typical, classic, rightful, fitting, proper, usual, essential. birth, expected, the afterbirth, anti-choice, arrive, bear, anticipated, antenatal, surprise, amniocentesis, baby shower, amniotic fluid, baby blues, scheduled. debt, direct, borrowings, straight, dead, debit, bill, balance, liability, arrears, home loan, bad debt, straightaway, directly. deserve, belong to, undeserved, rate, deserving, well-earned. bound, certain, guaranteed, probably, possibly, probable, sure, likely. sell-by date, the last minute, closing date, due date, sunset provision, timing, deadline, play date, time limit. due (noun)
enough, owing, suitable, rightful, owed, right, deserved, proper, expected, outstanding, payable, fitting, adequate, anticipated, appropriate, merited, unpaid, scheduled.
due to (noun)
dead, straight.
expected reward (noun)
mature (noun)
accrue, reach maturity, be owing, become payable.

Other synonyms:

deserving, sunset provision, bad debt, sell-by date, due date, straightaway, well-earned, deserve, unpaid, deadline, fit, time limit. debit, directly, closing date, play date, arrears, timing, scheduled. debt, rightful. outstanding, rate, proper. bill, liability. belong to, unsettled. balance.

Usage examples for due

  1. I knew there was trouble due I tell you. – The Air Trust by George Allan England
  2. He would leave the twins in the waiting room at the station till Mrs. Bilton was due and meanwhile go out and find lodgings for them and her. – Christopher and Columbus by Countess Elizabeth Von Arnim
  3. Not later; that was due to him. – Historical Romances: Under the Red Robe, Count Hannibal, A Gentleman of France by Stanley J. Weyman