Synonyms for Unobstructed:


not obstructed (adjective)
clear, free, unimpeded, open.
open (adjective)
ajar, unlocked, uncovered, patent, unimpeded, unstopped, agape, open, exposed, unbarred, gaping, unbolted, yawning, accessible, manifest, Unclosed, bare, unplugged, uncapped, Admitting.


unblocked, free. unobstructed (noun)
clear, patent, open, unclogged, unimpeded.

Other synonyms:

unblocked. clear. free. Other relevant words:
clear, free, unblocked, unclogged.

Usage examples for unobstructed

  1. Then the way before us is unobstructed again. – All's for the Best by T. S. Arthur
  2. As Stevenson was afraid that villas might be made to intervene between him and the sea, he bought much land that his view might be forever unobstructed – Stories of Authors, British and American by Edwin Watts Chubb