Synonyms for Partisan:


all (adjective)
interested, factional (adjective)
exclusive, unreasoning, blind, cliquish, Adhering, biased, overzealous, sympathetic, partial, conspiratorial, diehard, unjust, tendentious, denominational, devoted, warped, zealous, fanatic, one-sided, prejudiced, accessory, sectarian.
sectarian (adjective)
subjective (adjective)
subjective, arbitrary, personal, individual, partial.
unjust (adjective)
prejudiced, uneven, unjustifiable, biased, venal, unjust, foul, one-sided, discriminatory, inequitable, unsportsmanlike, partial, unequal, unfair.


friend, sponsor, advocate, devoted, exponent, accessory, unreasoning, cliquish, sympathizer, fanatic, sympathetic, proponent, warped, unconsidered, conspiratorial, cliquey, ganged-up, Adhering, exclusive, leagued together, overzealous, ideologue, zealous, blind. annex, precede, subjugate, besiege, conquer, occupy, minion, invade, cohort, storm, suppress, satellite, subdue, seize, over, henchman. benefactor (noun)
loyal (noun)
diehard, committed, true, stalwart, loyal, trustworthy, constant, steadfast, faithful, solid.
partisan (noun)
aligned, party, underground, biased, enthusiast, one-sided, irregular, guerrilla, denominational, tendencious, zealot, party-spirited, tendentious, sectarian, partizan, guerilla.
person devoted to another or cause (noun)
zealot, cohort, sympathizer, satellite, stalwart.

Other synonyms:

henchman, sympathizer, minion. satellite, cohort. Other relevant words:
conspiratorial, guerilla, Adhering, overzealous, stalwart, tendencious, partizan, diehard, enthusiast, guerrilla, accessory, blind, exclusive, sympathizer, cohort, faithful, party-spirited, henchman, zealous, sympathetic, friend, underground, proponent, sectarian, aligned, zealot, sponsor, party, irregular, tendentious, unreasoning, fanatic, cliquish, loyal, satellite, denominational, minion, advocate, exponent, warped, devoted.

Usage examples for partisan

  1. I also understood, and M. de Malesherbes himself told me of it, that the Abbe de Grave, whom he had charged with the inspection of this edition, was another partisan of the Jesuits. – The Confessions of J. J. Rousseau, Book XI. by Jean Jacques Rousseau
  2. " Since Lancedale seems to have gotten on top at the Hall, I am, as of now, a Lancedale partisan – Null-ABC by Henry Beam Piper and John Joseph McGuire
  3. If some angel, or inspired person would tell me which side was in the right, and whom to believe in, I could be a capital partisan – Mrs. Overtheway's Remembrances by Juliana Horatia Ewing