Synonyms for Adherent:


compliant (adjective)
respectful, compliant, conforming, obedient, concurrent, servile, yielding, meek, willing, supporting, submissive.


sponsor, friend, proponent, advocate, sympathizer, ideologue, exponent. minion, cohort, precede, satellite, over, henchman. adherent (noun)
disciple, adhesive.
believer (noun)
conformist, believer, Conformer, true believer, convert, born-again.
benefactor (noun)
follower (noun)
study atfollower, henchman.
person (noun)
sectarian (noun)
true believer.
supporter or follower (noun)
believer, advocate, disciple.

Other synonyms:

ideologue, friend, sympathizer, proponent, advocate. henchman, exponent, minion. satellite, cohort. guarantor
Other relevant words:
cohort, satellite, sponsor, proponent, disciple, advocate, minion, henchman, adhesive, exponent, friend, sympathizer.

Usage examples for adherent

  1. If it came to it, if there was occasion- such occasion as I dared not contemplate- could Miss Raven and myself count on Wing as a friend, or should we find him an adherent of the strange and curious gang, which, if the truth was to be faced, literally held not only our liberty, but our lives at its disposal? – Ravensdene Court by J. S. (Joseph Smith) Fletcher
  2. As regards this tenet I think it should be easily possible to show that the most convinced adherent of the traditional theology does not believe and never has believed what he professes to hold. – The New Theology by R. J. Campbell