Synonyms for Auditorium:


aisle, box, backstage, backdrop, backcloth, box office, apron. aquarium, club, civic center, cinema, bullring, art-house, bowling alley. arena (noun)
circle, circus, beat, battle-ground, area, domain, pen, enclosure, field, courtyard, hall, stage, precinct, theater, hippodrome, ground, setting, amphitheater, gallery, arena, gymnasium, province, realm, dominion, room, region, colosseum, campus, circuit, locale, bailiwick, battlefield, ring, turf.
hall (noun)
orchestra, dress circle, stalls, assembly hall, pit, concert hall, balcony, lecture hall, music hall, Boxes, proscenium, tiers, playhouse, opera house, mezzanine, chapel, top gallery, assembly room, Odeum, orchestra circle, parquet, movie house, lodge, reception hall.
music hall (noun)
hippodrome, music hall, concert hall.
room, building for entertainment events (noun)
movie house, concert hall, assembly hall, playhouse, music hall, hall, opera house, reception hall, theater, amphitheater.

Other synonyms:

backcloth, orchestra, art-house, aquarium, civic center, concert hall, aisle, box office, proscenium, dress circle, movie house, playhouse, bullring, bowling alley. apron, music hall, cinema, balcony, backstage, pit, backdrop. box. lodge. club. Other relevant words:
dress circle, pit, assembly hall, Boxes, cinema, aquarium, club, box, art-house, apron, orchestra circle, orchestra, bullring, opera house, chapel, music hall, movie house, playhouse, parquet, stalls, reception hall, balcony.

Usage examples for auditorium

  1. Then the sound of applause comes from the auditorium beyond. – Abraham Lincoln by John Drinkwater