Synonyms for Money:


cabbage, roll, banknote, long green, mazuma, gravy, jack. business, be rolling in money/it, banking, be made (for life), be well/badly off, be born with a silver spoon in your mouth. personally. bread, lettuce, brass, green, moola, gelt. fund, finance. coin (noun)
currency accepted as exchange for goods, services (noun)
bread, greenback, gravy, fund, salary, capital, bill, gold, wealth, check, cash, loot, bankroll, banknote, payment, roll, silver, funds, coinage, wad, dough, treasure, wherewithal, pay.
money (noun)
pocket money, dough, income, moolah, wherewithal, spending money, greenback, fortune, pounds, check, capital, proceeds, gross, wealth, note, issue, promissory note, treasure, silver, copper, coinage, petty cash, bond, lucre, loot, change, dollar, bullion, stock, bank note, wallet, cash, funds, scratch, profit, bill, bankroll, ways and means, assets, wad, currency, nugget, iou, worth, draft, money order, gold, net worth, purse, ingot, balance sheet, bread, sterling, receipts, wampum, swag, coupon.
property (noun)


pay (verb)
pay, payment, salary.

Other synonyms:

gelt, mazuma, cabbage, long green, moola, lettuce. brass. green. jack. pay. Other relevant words:
bread, brass, long green, gravy, green, cabbage, pay, lettuce, roll, moola, banknote, payment, banking, gelt, salary, personally, fund, jack, business, finance, mazuma.

Usage examples for money

  1. He does like money – The Golden Silence by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
  2. You mean that you won't take any money – The Man Who Rose Again by Joseph Hocking