Synonyms for Dilemma:


crisis, double bind, study at predicament, tragedy, battle, worst-case scenario, stress, nightmare. box, hot water, easy, spot, quagmire, trouble, bind, scrape, dutch, deep water, corner, soup, hot spot. cognition (noun)
crisis (noun)
double bind, quandary, spot, fix, plight, box, bind, pickle, predicament, jam, corner, problem, scrape, perplexity, difficulty.
dilemma (noun)
perplexity, predicament, spot, problem, quandary, plight, difficulty.
predicament (noun)
fix, predicament, problem, perplexity, plight, quandary, jam, pickle, ordeal, difficulty.

Other synonyms:

dutch, hot spot, deep water. box, hot water, soup. scrape, quagmire. spot. corner, bind. trouble. straits
Other relevant words:
box, hot spot, double bind, soup, hot water, spot, bind, quagmire, crisis, trouble, corner, scrape, dutch.

Usage examples for dilemma

  1. It was his conviction of his own good faith that made his present dilemma all the more cruel. – The Lion and the Mouse A Story of an American Life by Charles Klein
  2. While they were puzzling over this new dilemma a stage- horn sounded. – Little Grandfather by Sophie May
  3. It was a strange dilemma – The Martian by George Du Maurier