Synonyms for Radio:


clock radio, cathode-ray tube, communications satellite, aerial, dab, communications, broadcasting, cue card, decoder, camera, communication, antenna. the small screen, telly, the boob tube, the box, the airwaves, the tube, tv, walkie-talkie, console. docudrama, broadcast, chat show, closed-captioned, bulletin, feature, breakfast television, docusoap, call-in, documentary. on air, live, on-screen, rating, programming, televisual, color, continuity. sign off, scramble, ship-to-shore, Roger, telegraph, CB, ham, over. artifact (noun)
communication (noun)
wireless, radiocommunication.
communication by electronic air waves (noun)
CB, receiver, wireless.
electricity (noun)
induction, crt, monitor, diode, current, ic, resistance, megahertz, connection, electricity, ac, tube, voltage, circuit card, memory, magnetism, cycle, transistor, backplane, anode, conductor, electrostatic, electronics, insulator, resistor, alternating current, circuit, negative, polarity, network, ohm, video, speaker, charge, capacitance, discharge, electromagnetism, receiver, positive, radar, triode, spark, impedance, volt, television, kilohertz, wattage, tweeter, fm, motherboard, direct current, watt, amperes, computer, amplifier, electrode, capacitor, processor, microphone, transmitter, frequency, juice, cathode, shock.
radio (noun)
wireless, radiocommunication.

Other synonyms:

tv, continuity, telegraph, telly, on air, Roger, ship-to-shore, the small screen, televisual, walkie-talkie. on-screen. rating, ham, programming. sign off. scramble. over, color. live. television
Other relevant words:
broadcasting, telegraph, broadcast, wireless, on-screen, ship-to-shore, communications, radiocommunication, color, CB, console, communication, clock radio, televisual, Roger, walkie-talkie, continuity, programming.

Usage examples for radio

  1. I didn't know exactly what I could do, but I knew if we could get aboard there would be some way of leaving the radio behind." – The Electronic Mind Reader by John Blaine
  2. The facts of radio activity alone demonstrate the truth of the atomic theory. – The Breath of Life by John Burroughs
  3. Do you want me to radio the ship's position? – Dave Dawson at Casablanca by Robert Sydney Bowen