Synonyms for Facetious:


amusing (adjective)
cheerful (adjective)
comic/comical (adjective)
facetious (adjective)
ironic, dry, satirical, Capering, salty, smart, witty, sportive, wry, droll, merry, ludicrous, clever, fanciful, joshing, not serious, jesting, joking, comical, irreverent, playful, funny, sarcastic, pleasant, indecorous, putting one on, whimsical, sprightly, laughable, punning, ridiculous, waggish, farcical, humorous, flippant, jocose, comic, amusing, wisecracking, jocular.
frivolous (adjective)
flip, tongue-in-cheek.
funny (adjective)
humorous (adjective)
jovial (adjective)
bantering, jocund.
tongue-in-cheek (adjective)
wisecracking, putting one on, irreverent, tongue-in-cheek.
witty (adjective)
epigrammatic, clever, scurrilous, tricky, sarcastic, sharp, sparkling, shrewd, subtle, canny, pithy, joking, artful, comical, urbane, waggish, funny, inventive, brilliant, foxy, pointed, deft, scintillating, quick, dry, wily, sophisticated, sly, jocular, quick-witted, resourceful, smart, crafty, droll, cunning, ingenious, astute, adroit, witty, intelligent.


comic, laugh at yourself, I love it, can take a joke, see the funny side of something, comedy, impish. laughter, comedic, jocose. facetious (noun)
tongue-in-cheek, humourous, bantering, humorous.
jocular (noun)
joshing, fanciful, quizzical, epigrammatic, not serious, jokey, pleasant, ludicrous, wisecracking, sportive, farcical, trifling, jocund, study at witty, flip, satirical, merry, wry, ridiculous, quippish, Capering, jocose, putting one on, playful, flippant, sprightly, jesting, ironic, light, amusing, jolly, pert, laughable, punning, salty, whimsical, Kidding, indecorous, irreverent.

Other synonyms:

ironic, comedic, impish. comedy. comic. impudent
Other relevant words:
ludicrous, comic, jocose, comedic, wisecracking, not serious, putting one on, humourous, jolly, ironic, Capering, flippant, irreverent, jocund, Kidding, pleasant, joshing, humorous, fanciful, epigrammatic, laughable, pert, ridiculous, playful, tongue-in-cheek, bantering, light, sportive, impish, whimsical, jesting, farcical, merry, quizzical, salty, satirical, amusing, wry, punning, indecorous, sprightly, flip.

Usage examples for facetious

  1. I made some remark, meant to be facetious about not giving lions gas, but the old man took me up sharply. – Careers of Danger and Daring by Cleveland Moffett
  2. I had always been regarded as a facetious individual. – The Portal of Dreams by Charles Neville Buck