Synonyms for Pacific:


all (adjective)
amicable (adjective)
cozy, peaceful.
calm (adjective)
halcyon, quiet, relaxed, peaceful, sedate, serene, tranquil, quiescent, undisturbed, collected, pastoral, unruffled, easygoing, cool, even-tempered, placid, composed, moderate, calm, soothing, mild, reposeful, still.
conciliatory (adjective)
gentle (adjective)
soft, temperate, moderate, easy.
mild (adjective)
moderate (adjective)
composed, gentle, soft, easy, cool, innocuous, moderate, quiet, calm, alleviated, soothing, subdued, temperate, tranquil, restrained, relaxed.
pacific (adjective)
gentle, peaceable, friendly, calm, quiet, serene, untroubled, placid, neutral, tranquil.
peaceable (adjective)
peaceful (adjective)
neutral, tranquil, calm, untroubled, idyllic, quiescent, reposeful, serene, pastoral, placid, halcyon, peaceful, Resting, quiet, non-aggressive, friendly, orderly.
quiet (adjective)
collected, sedate.


call off, South Seas, South Pacific, bridge-building, Central Pacific, concede, concession, ocean, arbitrate, conciliate, buckle, break up, compromise. pacifist, pacifistic, irenic, Pacifical, somnolent, cozy, peace. choppy, coastal, fluvial, freshwater, briny, high, heavy, fresh, deep-sea. object (noun)
pacific ocean.
pacific (noun)
peaceful, pacific ocean, peaceable.

Other synonyms:

Pacific Ocean
pacific ocean.
somnolent, Pacifical, pacifistic, irenic. cozy, pacifist. sea
Other relevant words:
ocean, pacific ocean, pacifistic, peaceable, irenic, Pacifical, somnolent, peace, pacifist.

Usage examples for pacific

  1. While seeking to establish pacific relations with the powers of Europe the First Consul was preparing to strike a great blow in Italy. – The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte by Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton