Synonyms for Shears:


grass, alligator, crocodile, Pinking, hose, guillotine, Nippers, pruning, fork, mower, revolving, rake, flail, lawn mower, metal-cutting, power shearing machine, blending, clippers, cuticle, rotary, buttonhole, sheepshearing. cutters (noun)
Nippers, snips.
cutting instrument (noun)
scissors, clippers.
garden tool (noun)
hedge trimmer.
tool (noun)
chain saw, auger, axe, arc welder, square, awl, knife, scissors, pickax, plane, shovel, hacksaw, hatchet, coping saw, emery wheel, back saw, pick, planer, keyhole saw, file, sickle, calipers, spoke shave, radial arm saw, hammer, band saw, pipe wrench, tin snips, pliers, scythe, gouge, Drill press, grindstone, punch, wedge, trowel, hedge trimmer, saw, chisel, table saw, claw hammer, hoe, jackknife, machete, grapnel, tire iron, jointer, lug wrench, scroll saw, tool, mallet, ball-peen hammer, buzz saw, sledgehammer, cold chisel, spade, spanner, wrench, crosscut saw, miter box, crowbar, wrecking bar, monkey wrench, circular saw, jigsaw, welder, ripsaw, drill, screwdriver, posthole auger, stapler, edger, bench drill, level, handsaw, Bow-saw, vise, lathe.
tools (noun)
pipe wrenches, chisels, circular saws, scythes, claw hammers, pickaxes, spades, bench drills, spanners, saws, emery wheels, levels, tools, augers, miter boxes, machetes, hedge trimmers, spoke shaves, sledgehammers, chain saws, squares, lug wrenches, jackknives, shovels, keyhole saws, drill presses, welders, picks, crosscut saws, planes, grindstones, screwdrivers, edgers, lathes, vises, posthole augers, hammers, jigsaws, sickles, bow saws, scroll saws, buzz saws, awls, band saws, hoes, tire irons, planers, wrenches, handsaws, ball-peen hammers, cold chisels, punches, crowbars, trowels, grapnels, coping saws, wrecking bars, table saws, arc welders, hatchets, jointers, files, hacksaws, ripsaws, radial arm saws, mallets, back saws, monkey wrenches, Axes, staplers, Knives, wedges, gouges, Drills.


diminishes (verb)
compresses, condenses, decrements, erodes, shrinks, lessens, deflates, contracts, bobs, trims, tapers, shortens, nips, downgrades, compacts, prunes, concentrates, shaves, reduces, abridges, minimizes, depletes, pares, decreases, dwindles, abbreviates, lightens, truncates, weeds, diminishes.
rejects (verb)
disallows, oppugns, blacklists, jilts, discards, ejaculates, disgorges, Clips, Culls, seeps, cuts, scraps, exudes, snips, disclaims, bars, disapproves, trashes, erupts, excretes, crops, excises, vents, rejects, sheds, secretes, evacuates, emits, abandons, Denies, vomits, exhausts, excludes, lops, checks, belches, deep-sixes, Chops, blackballs, ejects, junks, eliminates, jettisons, spews, discharges, drains, curtails.
subtracts (verb)
deletes, docks, discounts, depreciates, deducts, subtracts, lowers, elides.

Other synonyms:

mower, lawn mower. flail. rake. fork. scissors
Other relevant words:
guillotine, clippers.

Usage examples for shears

  1. And there are hedges there, quite grown beyond their keeper's hands, blooming and sending forth shoots without thought of shears or knife. – Invisible Links by Selma Lagerlof
  2. But Solomon Owl told him that he wouldn't think of letting anybody use shears so near his eyes. – The Tale of Solomon Owl by Arthur Scott Bailey
  3. The diet would be practically the same; and the terrible shears would no longer be a danger. – More Hunting Wasps by J. Henri Fabre