Synonyms for Bars:


artifact (noun)
parallel bars.
bars (noun)
parallel bars.
courts (noun)
sessions, appellate courts, Benches, boards, supreme courts, courts, courts of law, judicatures, Courts-martial, tribunals, circuit courts.
prohibitions (noun)
Rejections, Inhibitions, forbiddances, constraints, restraints, prohibitions, restrictions, suppressions, refusals, denials, curtailments, blockades, injunctions.
shafts (noun)
shafts, poles, stems, rods, elevator shafts, stalks, tunnels, staffs, flagpoles, posts, sticks, mine shafts.
tables (noun)
consoles, dressers, tea tables, turntables, sideboards, buffets, workbenches, nightstands, lamp stands, kitchen tables, tables, round, desks, coffee tables, captain's tables, dining tables.


defends (verb)
secures, returns, rebuts, wards, retorts, saves, screens, supports, safeguards, Buffers, sustains, responds, shelters, barricades, fends, resists, covers, upholds, Guards, opposes, counters, counterattacks, argues, protects, polices, answers, shields, Replies, defends, backfires.
dissuades (verb)
restrains, dissuades, daunts, discourages, admonishes, dampens, deters, derails, Chills, disinclines, disheartens, inhibits, prevents, depresses, diverts, bans, averts, intimidates, deflects.
excludes (verb)
eradicates, disqualifies, relegates, banishes, boycotts, extradites, proscribes, deports, excommunicates, amputates, disbars, expatriates, expels, repudiates, renounces, ousts, removes, exiles, ostracizes, forbids, prohibits, evicts.
hinders (verb)
Cramps, thwarts, plugs, chokes, fouls, frustrates, drags, encumbers, Delays, cripples, fetters, constrains, entraps, brakes, complicates, impairs, obstructs, stops, burdens, congests, catches, interrupts, curbs, detains, jams, entangles, stays, crimps, restricts, hamstrings, bungs, clogs, bottlenecks, tangles, hampers, paralyzes, dams, constipates, impedes, snags, blocks, hinders, handicaps, snarls, mires, baffles.
prohibits (verb)
oppresses, refuses, precludes, suppresses, controls, outlaws.
rejects (verb)
Denies, cuts, eliminates, evacuates, abandons, vomits, Clips, crops, checks, disapproves, seeps, discharges, emits, excludes, secretes, junks, exudes, blackballs, oppugns, jettisons, blacklists, jilts, scraps, disgorges, shears, exhausts, deep-sixes, lops, disallows, sheds, excretes, spews, belches, vents, curtails, drains, ejects, erupts, rejects, snips, Chops, ejaculates, discards, trashes, disclaims, excises, Culls.

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Other relevant words:
parallel bars.

Usage examples for bars

  1. The second part of it I have not yet got the hang of; but the first- only a few bars – The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 24 (of 25) by Robert Louis Stevenson Other: Andrew Lang
  2. Later, as the sunset came streaming in, he awoke from a long slumber, and looked at the glittering bars of light lying on the carpet. – A Terrible Secret by May Agnes Fleming
  3. Easily known by the reddish orange bars on the sulphur- yellow wings. – Butterflies Worth Knowing by Clarence M. Weed