Synonyms for Denies:


annuls (verb)
disaffirms, dismisses, vetos, repudiates, destroys, abolishes, dissolves, revokes, negates, refutes, obliterates, extinguishes, invalidates, nullifies, neutralizes, withdraws, eradicates, cancels, Divorces, deletes, undoes, annuls, effaces.
confutes (verb)
confutes, abrogates, conflicts, disproves, challenges, rebuts, disputes, rejoins, contradicts, repeals.
denies (verb)
disproves (verb)
opposes, Parries, subverts, contravenes, belies, overturns.
excludes (verb)
bans, ousts, proscribes, ostracizes, expels, removes, exiles, boycotts, amputates, disqualifies, evicts, prohibits, relegates, deports, banishes, expatriates, extradites, forbids, excommunicates, disbars.
negates (verb)
inverts, counterbalances, reverses.
prohibits (verb)
prevents, suppresses, oppresses, curbs, constrains, inhibits, blocks, controls, restricts, refuses, precludes, outlaws, restrains.
refuses (verb)
disinclines, disagrees, repulses, disdains, declines.
rejects (verb)
disallows, blacklists, Chops, emits, crops, eliminates, vents, excludes, deep-sixes, snips, seeps, excises, discards, drains, checks, abandons, jilts, disclaims, vomits, spews, exudes, oppugns, lops, rejects, jettisons, excretes, trashes, ejects, Culls, ejaculates, sheds, scraps, belches, bars, junks, disapproves, secretes, exhausts, shears, erupts, evacuates, blackballs, disgorges, discharges, Clips, curtails, cuts.
renounces (verb)
abnegates, retracts, disavows, crosses, abdicates, betrays, backslides, defects, renounces, deserts, about-faces.
responds (verb)
justifies, expounds, echos, responds, acknowledges, explains, answers, returns, retorts, reacts, objects, defends, Replies.

Usage examples for Denies

  1. " A pupil of Straton, and go in search of beings and powers whose existence he denies – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. No one questions or denies this statement. – The Old Franciscan Missions Of California by George Wharton James
  3. Churchill, with equal disregard of consistency and authority, gives it to one of them, and denies it to the rest. – The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown