Synonyms for Files:


cases (noun)
quivers, Folios, holsters, portfolios, caskets, racks, Chests, crates, sockets, cases, containers, Capsules, cedar chests, cartons, Cribs, coffers, Boxes, sheaths, hutches, scabbards, bins, canisters.
lists (noun)
cash books, treasuries, checks, logs, details, accounts, totals, sums, Tallies, waybills, Journals, Summaries, Manifests, lexicons, Inventories, rosters, notebooks, rolls, itemizations, workbooks, collections, scrapbooks, tables, daybooks, logbooks, calendars, yearbooks, repertories, digests, bank books, annuals, scrolls, novels, scores, storybooks, thesauruses, menus, registers, Indices, Registries, Catalogs, Diaries, recordings, ledgers, dockets, Censuses, annals, lists, pads, bills, chronicles, books, counts, Schedules, Histories, statements, Tablets, Budgets, invoices, albums, Thesauri, Dictionaries, Records, stores.
tools (noun)
shovels, bench drills, saws, ripsaws, welders, lug wrenches, ball-peen hammers, awls, lathes, mallets, squares, handsaws, band saws, hacksaws, hoes, grapnels, pipe wrenches, Axes, coping saws, snips, picks, sickles, trowels, buzz saws, jackknives, jointers, pliers, tools, spanners, wrecking bars, scissors, punches, posthole augers, levels, bow saws, emery wheels, sledgehammers, augers, scythes, tire irons, hatchets, Drills, monkey wrenches, hedge trimmers, table saws, scroll saws, wrenches, tin snips, crowbars, back saws, drill presses, miter boxes, vises, grindstones, planes, machetes, edgers, Knives, keyhole saws, hammers, spades, staplers, screwdrivers, chisels, circular saws, spoke shaves, crosscut saws, pickaxes, wedges, jigsaws, radial arm saws, gouges, planers, cold chisels, chain saws, calipers, shears, arc welders, claw hammers.


lists (verb)
notes, audits, Indexes, summarizes, journalizes, collects, itemizes, recounts, documents, enumerates, tabulates.

Usage examples for files

  1. In finishing for truth, as in the case of journal bearings, the work, being turned as true and smooth as possible, may be filed with the finest of cut files and polished with a fine grade of emery- cloth or paper; the amount of metal removed by filing and polishing being so small as not to impair to any practically important degree the truth of the work: a journal so finished will be as true as it is possible to make it without the use of a grinding lathe. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  2. Kennedy indicated the files and pocket knives visible in the shaded square of light before him. – The Film Mystery by Arthur B. Reeve