Usage examples for announces

  1. He was eighteen years old, and had at that time the appetite by which nature announces that its possessor is a perfect man, and went one night into the kitchen of Genin, an inn keeper of Belley, where the old men of the town used to meet to eat chestnuts and drink the new white wine called in the country vin bourru. – The Physiology of Taste by Brillat Savarin
  2. When the von Schoenberg struts in, peacock fashion, and announces his royal Highness did himself the honor to soil his bib," I sometimes stare at her, not comprehending at the moment, and the fact that she is talking of my baby only gradually comes to mind. – Secret Memoirs: The Story of Louise, Crown Princess by Henry W. Fischer
  3. I remember one day, in the course of the arguments he continually had with Sandip, he said: " Good fortune comes to our gate and announces itself, only to prove that we have not the power to receive it- that we have not kept things ready to be able to invite it into our house." – The Home and the World by Rabindranath Tagore