Synonyms for Satiety:


excess, on demand, sustenance, content, full, satisfaction, satisfy, if desired, engorgement, satiate, slake. disgust (noun)
overindulgence (noun)
repletion (noun)
satiety (noun)
engorgement, satiation, repletion.
surfeit (noun)

Other synonyms:

engorgement, slake, satiate. sustenance. satisfaction, satisfy. content. Other relevant words:
excess, full, slake, satisfaction, satisfy, content, satiate, engorgement, sustenance, satiation.

Usage examples for satiety

  1. He can trace Iago's villainy to its own destruction and Don Juan's sensuality to its worse than satiety – A Man of the World by Annie Payson Call
  2. He, therefore, at no time can have been assailed by the satiety of which I have spoken, and that it came so soon to me I must take simply as an indication of difference of temperament. – Father and Son by Edmund Gosse