Synonyms for Relative:


all (adjective)
comparative (adjective)
comparable, near, corresponding.
comparative, respective (adjective)
dependent, near, proportionate, related, contingent, reliant, conditional, parallel, corresponding.
kindred (adjective)
fraternal, akin, sisterly, paternal, fatherly, hereditary, maternal, motherly, ancestral, brotherly, Familiar, kindred, related, consanguine.
pertinent, applicable (adjective)


compared with/to, Than, relatively, seen against something, Whereas, next to, the... the..., by/in contrast. brassica, annual, climber, alpine, bush, same, bean, clone, cereal, bedding plant, cactus. contingent, analogy, start, perspective, conditioned, dependent, juxtaposition, parallel, comparatively, comparison, subject, equation, reliant, conditional. clansman, black sheep, clanswoman, kinsman, elder, eldest, the elder, charge, blood relation, kinswoman. congener (noun)
kinship (noun)
flesh, relation, clan, motherhood, father, aunt, brother, maternity, fatherhood, lineage, niece, kinship, uncle, fraternity, kinfolk, nephew, kin, mother, paternity, cousin, sisterhood, heredity, blood, ancestor, sister, brotherhood, consanguinity, Family.
member of a family (noun)
father, mother, niece, relation, blood, uncle, aunt, nephew, cousin.
parallel (noun)
person (noun)
relative (noun)
qualifying, congenator, comparative, relation, congener, proportional, relational, proportionate.


related (verb)
dependent, pertinent, applicable, relevant, contingent.

Other synonyms:

kinswoman, Whereas, comparatively, reliant, relatively, Than, analogy. conditional, conditioned, comparable, perspective, comparison. dependent, contingent. equation, subject, parallel. pertinent
Other relevant words:
kinsman, Than, subject, reliant, comparable, Whereas, congenator, kinswoman, dependent, pertinent, contingent, applicable, parallel, comparatively, relational, congener, comparative, conditioned, qualifying, corresponding, perspective, proportional, conditional, analogy, relatively, proportionate, comparison, blood relation, clansman, relevant, near.

Usage examples for relative

  1. When he asked my name, he wanted to know if I was a relative of Rev. – A Woman's Life-Work Labors and Experiences by Laura S. Haviland
  2. " Then," said Jean, " are you a relative of his?" – Penny Plain by Anna Buchan (writing as O. Douglas)
  3. Has she no relative to share your watch or take such things in charge? – The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow by Anna Katharine Green