Synonyms for Fragment:


detail, unit, substructure. leftover, trace, butt, end, hint, a little, stub, taster, scrap, Ort, sample, a bit. dab, dot, grain, iota, jot, dash, dram, whit, big, crumb, minim, fall apart, smidgen, modicum, drop, molecule, speck, tittle, spot, scruple, trifle, bit, shred, mite, ounce. crumble, litter, landfill, trash, continue, waste, e-waste, ruin, remains, garbage, help, debris, junk. component (noun)
constituent, percentage, component, element, member, fraction, feature, factor, ingredient, segment, article, matter, section, item, piece, medium, filament, material, portion.
end (noun)
fraction (noun)
denominator, numerator, half, chunk, third, quarter.
fragment (noun)
fragmentise, shard, fragmentize, sherd.
part, chip (noun)
crumb, shred, fraction, cut, portion, chunk, bit, scrap, minim, grain, end, remnant, piece, iota, slice.
piece (noun)
bit, scrap, remnant, study at part.


break into pieces (verb)
disintegrate, splinter, smash, split, shatter, disunite, crumble, rend, divide.
change (verb)
fragmentize, fragmentise.
curtail (verb)
curtail, discontinue, reduce, minimize, decrease, abbreviate, shorten, diminish.
dissociate (verb)
detach, break, dissociate, dismantle, rend, divorce, separate, divide, sunder, disjoin, insulate, disconnect, disassociate, halve, segregate, excise, rupture, cleave, uncouple, alienate, split, partition, disengage, part, disunite, sever.
separate (verb)
bisect, slice, axe, cut, scissor, dissect, disassemble, disarticulate, estrange, disaffiliate, amputate, remove, Unglue, incise, unhinge, rip, disintegrate, pare, Unfix.
shatter (verb)
atomize, smash, shatter, splinter.

Other synonyms:

bit, hint, Ort, taster, minim, trace, fall apart. modicum, tittle, iota, jot, mite, grain, smidgen, stub, shred, whit, ounce, crumble. crumb, scruple, dot, speck, dram. sample, dab. drop, trifle, spot. end. a bit
Other relevant words:
grain, hint, fall apart, jot, remnant, unit, junk, smidgen, tittle, dram, speck, trace, spot, help, trifle, mite, minim, landfill, continue, dot, shard, remains, dash, whit, crumble, sherd, modicum, substructure, drop, trash, iota, debris, bit, molecule, scrap, fragmentise, big, stub, taster, scruple, garbage, butt, dab, end, Ort, shred, e-waste, sample, fragmentize, detail, ruin, crumb, ounce, litter, waste, leftover.

Usage examples for fragment

  1. The most precious portion of Warton's history is but the fragment of a fragment – Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 3 (of 3) by Isaac Disraeli
  2. It was an ordinary Yale key, with a bit of string tied to it, and a fragment of dirty red stuff attached to that. – The Red Symbol by John Ironside
  3. The fragment is not of great weight in settling the authenticity of the four gospels. – The Canon of the Bible by Samuel Davidson