Synonyms for Crab:


Crab (noun)
crab louse, Phthirius Pubis, crabmeat, pubic louse, cancer, crabby person, cancer the crab.
barnacle, clam, shellfish, cowrie, abalone, crawfish, bivalve, cockleshell, conch, cockle. allergy, grouch, adhd, complainer, acne, amnesia, bellyacher, alcoholism, amenorrhea, acidity, grump, alopecia, grumbler, add, amenorrhoea. chicken, duck, ground beef, sourpuss, goose, Griper, Sorehead, mutterer, dark meat, horseflesh, faultfinder, crank, Grouser, whiner, Murmurer, bacon, happy, growler. diva, perfectionist, GRINCH, stickler, critic, wet blanket, hothead, scourge, shrew, purist. complainer (noun)
grouch (noun)
faultfinder, growler, grumbler, whiner, grump, bellyacher, complainer, sourpuss.
whiner (noun)

Other synonyms:

Phthirius pubis
Phthirius Pubis.
clam, Griper, mutterer, crawfish, horseflesh, cockle, bellyacher, ground beef, growler, cockleshell, barnacle, grump, Grouser, abalone, bacon, cowrie, conch, shellfish, complainer, dark meat, Sorehead, bivalve, whiner, grumbler. Murmurer, goose, chicken, faultfinder, sourpuss. crank, duck. complainer
Other relevant words:
Sorehead, mutterer, barnacle, goose, conch, faultfinder, shellfish, crawfish, crank, clam, Murmurer, bacon, chicken, growler, grumbler, Grouser, Griper, whiner, abalone, bellyacher, cockleshell, sourpuss, grump, grouch, complainer.

Usage examples for crab

  1. Catching pigeons is usually done with a landing net or crab net with a short handle. – Raising P.V. Squabs for Profit by John S. Trecartin
  2. Lots of the waterlily in bloom on all the deep waterholes and lagoons, and a very handsome tree with dark green foliage and a beautiful yellow blossom, and completely loaded with a round fruit of the size of a crab apple, now green, and containing a number of large- sized seeds, some of which have been gathered, but I fancy they are too green to save the seed. – McKinlay's Journal of Exploration in the Interior of Australia by John McKinlay
  3. Mollie says it reminds her of a hermit crab – The Insect Folk by Margaret Warner Morley