Synonyms for Punishment:


demeaning, exploitative, nurturance, abusive, light touch, ingratiating, indulgent, brotherly, lenient, conveyor belt. correction (noun)
penance, deprivation, rap on the knuckles, infliction, sequestration, disciplinary action, carrot-and-stick treatment, reproof, mortification, mulct, trial, confiscation, amercement, unhappiness, dose of strap oil, just deserts, deserts, suffering, forfeit.
killing (noun)
lesson (noun)
penalty (noun)
correction, abatement, chastisement, trial, sequestration, mulct, forfeiture, discount, mortification, castigation, forfeit, handicap, retribution, discipline, amercement, infliction, disciplinary action, penalty, encumbrance, fine, confiscation, burden, premium, unhappiness, penance, suffering, judgment, deprivation, drawback, reparation, torture, deduction.
punishment (noun)
execution, anguish, distress, sentence, agony, penalisation, crucifixion, reprisal, castigation, payment, confinement, price, imprisonment, affliction, torture, penalty, verdict, incarceration, revenge, penalization, persecution.
retaliation (noun)
revenge (noun)
reparation, redress, restitution, counteraction, retaliation, vengeance.

Other synonyms:

leniency, penance. deserts. lesson. curse
Other relevant words:
indulgent, ingratiating, demeaning, lesson, nurturance, forfeit, penance, leniency, just deserts, infliction, penalisation, penalization, lenient, sequestration, exploitative, deprivation, brotherly, mortification, deserts, abusive, confiscation, reproof, mulct, light touch, suffering, trial, unhappiness, amercement.

Usage examples for punishment

  1. O Lord, how terrible Thy punishment – Master Olof A Drama in Five Acts by August Strindberg
  2. It is the punishment we have called down on ourselves. – Home Fires in France by Dorothy Canfield
  3. I wish he would leave them at home, said Mrs. Graham; it would be a good punishment for Gertrude. – The Lamplighter by Maria S. Cummins