Synonyms for Discrimination:


consciousness, sensitivity, experience, acuteness, understanding, knowledge, information, perception, lore, judgment, Familiarity, acumen, expertise, awareness. intelligence, reason, vision, brilliance, same, wisdom, common sense, intellect, intuition, clarity. equal opportunity, basic, precise, positive discrimination, free speech, prejudiced, selectivity, selectiveness, inclusion, Human Rights, equality, equal. astuteness, careful, sagacity, Percipiency, ability, shrewdness, Percipience, wit, keenness, Sageness, Clear-sightedness, nose, perspicacity, perceptiveness, eye. act (noun)
favoritism, favouritism.
cognition (noun)
discrimination (noun)
secernment, demarcation, separation, favouritism, distinction, differentiation, segregation, discernment, favoritism.
fastidiousness (noun)
criticalness, conscientiousness, persnicketiness, prudishness, rigorousness, literalism, accuracy, severity, diligence, flawlessness, fastidiousness, priggishness, properness, particularity, carefulness, fussiness, correctness, exactingness, preciseness, meticulousness, daintiness, delicacy.
favoritism (noun)
particularity in taste (noun)
differentiation, keenness, judgment, refinement, Percipience, discernment, perception, sagacity, perspicacity, understanding, acumen, taste, distinction, separation, acuteness, astuteness, bias, shrewdness.
perceptiveness (noun)
separation (noun)
taste (noun)
class, Purism, refinement, grace, charm, elegance, cultivation, taste.

Other synonyms:

equal opportunity, equality, Percipience, free speech, bigotry, Percipiency, selectiveness, Sageness, perceptiveness, positive discrimination, Human Rights, prejudiced, Clear-sightedness, selectivity, judgment. basic, equal, astuteness, sagacity, eye, shrewdness, inclusion. keenness. wit. nose. bias
in sight
Other relevant words:
common sense, information, bigotry, prejudiced, selectiveness, expertise, unfairness, reason, keenness, careful, secernment, precise, nose, brilliance, same, favoritism, eye, astuteness, shrewdness, equal, wit, Percipiency, selectivity, Clear-sightedness, intellect, sagacity, clarity, experience, Familiarity, knowledge, vision, acuteness, acumen, Percipience, judgment, intuition, favouritism, bias, sensitivity, perceptiveness, Sageness, perspicacity, ability, wisdom, lore, inclusion, consciousness, intelligence, awareness, understanding, equality, basic, perception, prejudice.

Usage examples for discrimination

  1. If he took a liking for any one, as for Marcello, he excused himself for the weakness on the ground that he was only human after all, and in his heart he respected his dog for snarling at everybody without discrimination – Whosoever Shall Offend by F. Marion Crawford
  2. " A just discrimination and one likely to render the arrangement of our little affairs less difficult! – The Water-Witch or, The Skimmer of the Seas by James Fenimore Cooper
  3. The only just ground of discrimination is the measure of character and capacity he has to make that service most useful to the people. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various