Synonyms for Anesthesia:


acupuncture, aromatherapy, analgesia, acupressure, Artificial Feeding, alternative medicine, artificial insemination, aftercare. dead, painless, insensible, comfortable, numb, go to sleep, insensitive, numbing. anesthesia (noun)
dullness (noun)
insensibility (noun)
dullness, senselessness, unfeelingness, numbness, insensibility, swoon, narcosis, callousness, Sopor, deadness, coma, faintness, unconsciousness, stupor, insentience, aloofness, trance, insensitivity, oblivion, obliviousness.
numbness (noun)
sleep (noun)
insentience, unconsciousness, stupor, numbness.

Other synonyms:

acupressure, analgesia, Artificial Feeding, acupuncture, aftercare, aromatherapy, alternative medicine. Other relevant words:
anaesthesia, aftercare, numbing, acupuncture, analgesia.

Usage examples for anesthesia

  1. He, therefore, welcomed the introduction of ether anesthesia from America; and in January, 1847, at the Edinburgh Medical School, administered ether to an obstetrical patient. – The Prospective Mother A Handbook for Women During Pregnancy by J. Morris Slemons