Synonyms for Something:


somebody, each other, It, Anyone, one another, someone, Anybody, aught. be, roughly, existent, incorrect, entity, approximately, broadly, existence, approximate, questionable, imprecise, inexact, wrong, being, individual, inaccurate. doohickey, whatsername, X, widget, thingy, so-and-so, whatchamacallit, doodad. make an impression, commend itself (to someone), take your breath away, put someone/something in the shade, make a favorable impression (on someone), be an inspiration to someone, stand out, knock your socks off, exceed (someone's) expectations. entity (noun)
being, thing, object, individual, substance, existence, existent, article.
event (noun)
being, Anything, portion.
life (noun)
substance (noun)
body, matter, unit, thing, substance, material, article, stuff, object.

Other synonyms:

doohickey, Anybody, aught, whatchamacallit, doodad, thingy, each other, one another, somebody, whatsername, Anyone, someone. Anything, so-and-so. widget, entity. It, existent. X, existence. being. Other relevant words:
someone, existent, existence, doodad, approximate, Anyone, individual, thingy, so-and-so, approximately, somebody, Anybody, It, roughly, Anything, aught, X, article, entity, whatsername, widget, being.

Usage examples for something

  1. He had to be doing something – Raiding with Morgan by Byron A. Dunn
  2. I have something to do. – The Young Musician or, Fighting His Way by Horatio Alger
  3. He must know something about it!" – Dialstone Lane, Part 2. by W.W. Jacobs