Synonyms for Fatality:


martyrdom, starvation, carbon monoxide poisoning, asphyxiation, poisoning, untimely, at the hands of someone, an early grave, accidental death. casualty, dying, death toll, morbidity, accident, death throes, body, mortality, death rate, bereavement. fated, providence, live, tempt fate/providence, doom, fatalism, kismet. deadliness, lethality. death (noun)
demise, passing, end, death, cessation, parting, release, quietus, decease, ending, dissolution, expiration, annihilation, extinction.
death, loss; ability to cause such (noun)
deadliness, lethality, casualty, accident, dying, mortality, poisonousness, virulence, necrosis.
destruction (noun)
event (noun)
human death.
fatality (noun)
human death.
mortality (noun)
lethality, virulence, poisonousness, necrosis, deadliness.

Other synonyms:

death rate, providence, untimely, poisoning, martyrdom, bereavement, casualty, lethality, accidental death, morbidity, deadliness, carbon monoxide poisoning, kismet, death toll, dying. doom, death throes. Other relevant words:
virulence, lethality, kismet, deadliness, untimely, doom, providence, casualty, morbidity, martyrdom, poisonousness, accident, dying, mortality, necrosis, fatalism, human death.

Usage examples for fatality

  1. He grew more and more convinced of some fatality but he did not confide his fears to Allie. – The U.P. Trail by Zane Grey