Synonyms for Oppressed:


all (adjective)
downtrodden (adjective)
mistreated, abused, suppressed, enslaved, persecuted, burdened, maltreated.
misused (adjective)
like dirt, enslaved, maltreated, Taxed, henpecked, browbeaten, Hampered, abused, mistreated.


up against something, pressed, Beleaguered, out of your depth, stuck, embroiled, in deep trouble, deadlocked, worse off. sad, miserable, homesick, bleak, melancholy, wistful, subdued, unhappy, sorrowful, gloomy. oppressed (noun)
downtrodden, burdened, wronged, laden, persecuted.


dominated (verb)
Overseen, won, Prevailed, mastered, Oversaw, vanquished, Triumphed, Subordinated, Overcame, surmounted, Commanded, ruled, conquered, Bettered, dominated, Predominated, Presided, Succeeded, Lorded, overcome.
opposed (verb)
Fought, Counteracted, Disagreed, repressed, Repulsed, Conflicted, Rebuffed, Defied, Resisted, Protested, Confronted, suppressed, countered, Objected, inhibited, Antagonized, Hindered, Repelled, obstructed, Intercepted, crossed, Challenged, Interfered, disputed, counterattacked, Meddled, impeded, checked, opposed, Contradicted.
prohibited (verb)
banned, curbed, Forbade, Disallowed, prohibited, disqualified, Precluded, blocked, forbidden, Curtailed, Prevented, barred, disapproved, constrained, restrained, controlled, restricted, Denied, outlawed, Refused, rejected.

Other synonyms:

embroiled, deadlocked, worse off, sad, stuck. Beleaguered. maltreated
Other relevant words:
deadlocked, abused, sorrowful, burdened, enslaved, laden, stuck, wistful, sad, mistreated, pressed, wronged, homesick, melancholy, Taxed, gloomy, Beleaguered, bleak, unhappy, downtrodden, subdued, browbeaten, Hampered, miserable, embroiled, henpecked, persecuted, maltreated.

Usage examples for oppressed

  1. Yes, he's doin' a good job by his step- children, I guess they would be called that seein' he stepped in when they wuz poor and oppressed and took 'em under his care. – Samantha at the St. Louis Exposition by Marietta Holley
  2. He felt the majesty of all that surrounded him, but he was not lonely, nor was he oppressed – The Hunters of the Hills by Joseph Altsheler
  3. And when this has been many years established, it is hard for either to realize that, to escape, the oppressed has only to open the door and go. – Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard by Eleanor Farjeon