Synonyms for Maneuvering:


smoke and mirrors, misconduct, dishonesty, corruption, Double dealing, deceit, duplicity, deception, foul play, guile. navigation (noun)
Cruising, navigation, guiding.


endeavoring (verb)
undertaking, contracting, engaging, Committing, performing, Endeavoring, proceeding, Attempting, exploiting, Volunteering, Venturing, approaching, acting, Assaying, Aiming.
navigating (verb)
guiding, floating, sailing, drifting, Cruising, piloting, Navigating.
venturing (verb)
scheming, pursuing, Doing, campaigning, Initiating.

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Usage examples for Maneuvering

  1. It was pitch dark within the ship but the Steel- Blue seemed to have no trouble at all maneuvering through the maze of corridors. – Acid Bath by Vaseleos Garson