Synonyms for Talkative:


all (adjective)
articulate (adjective)
blabby (adjective)
excessively communicative (adjective)
effusive, chattering, big-mouthed, windy, full of hot air, gabby, garrulous, wordy, voluble, talky, fluent, loquacious, long-winded, glib, verbose, chatty, verbal.
gossipy (adjective)
informative (adjective)
sociable (adjective)
chatty, hearty, affable, folksy, gabby, convivial, congenial, gracious, friendly, genial, courteous, sociable, amiable, hospitable, vivacious, cordial, companionable, neighborly, gregarious, garrulous, easygoing, amicable.
talkative (adjective)
prattling, un-reticent, wordy, loquacious, verbose, chattering, long-winded.
verbose (adjective)
effusive, grandiloquent, loquacious, verbose, garrulous, voluble, wordy, profuse, chatty, bombastic, windy.
wordy (adjective)
featherbedding, wandering, bombastic, long-winded, grandiloquent, ponderous, endless, loquacious, lengthy, excessive, verbose, chatty, windy, superfluous, wordy, rambling.


longwinded. words, conversational. talkative (noun)
blabby, communicatory, gabby, garrulous, voluble, bigmouthed, communicative, expansive, chatty, blabbermouthed, loquacious, indiscreet, talky.
voluble (noun)
fluent, gabbling, gassy, verbal, full of hot air, Long-tongued, all yaw, glib, big-mouthed, crackling, yappy.

Other synonyms:

longwinded. yappy, fluent, conversational. Other relevant words:
blabbermouthed, verbal, big-mouthed, expansive, talky, full of hot air, communicatory, longwinded, words, glib, conversational, gabbling, blabby, indiscreet, Long-tongued, bigmouthed, fluent, communicative, gassy, yappy, crackling.

Usage examples for talkative

  1. Mr. Dodge was in a talkative vein, and Bruce was in no hurry. – A Mysterious Disappearance by Gordon Holmes
  2. Maybe, for reasons of state, he don't like to reveal himself; and maybe, he added, with a sly laugh, he don't care to make the acquaintance of his talkative mother- in- law. – Stories and Legends of Travel and History, for Children by Grace Greenwood