Synonyms for Owl:


bird of paradise, barn, great gray, snowy, budgie, bluejay, hissing, screech, Burrowing, Turbit, pigmy, spotted, strix, bird of prey, budgerigar, tawny, boobook, great horned, bubo, Satinette, bantam, Chinese hawk owl, nocturnal bird, bobwhite, snow, owl pigeon, Saw-whet, night bird, african, long-eared, short-eared, barred. bird (noun)
canary, falcon, ringtail, yellowbird, grouse, sea gull, wren, grosbeak, albatross, barn owl, hawk, penguin, crow, parakeet, bluebird, squab, bullfinch, snipe, parrot, lark, jay, cockatoo, flamingo, weaver, dove, goose, finch, myna, starling, coot, grackle, chickadee, swift, robin, turkey, thrush, road runner, egret, kingfisher, oriole, sheldrake, cuckoo, mourning dove, sparrow, nuthatch, mallard, lovebird, Canada Goose, curlew, heron, waxwing, teal, pigeon, blackbird, cardinal, gull, loon, bittern, crane, hummingbird, pelican, cormorant, puffin, partridge, emu, macaw, turtledove, duck, plover, blue jay, pheasant, eagle, dodo, redbird, cassowary, goldfinch, nightingale, songbird, sandpiper, ibis, woodpecker, rook, booby, osprey, mockingbird, magpie, harrier, spoonbill, peacock, condor, tern, horned owl, bird, ostrich, buzzard, redwing, raven, bluebill, stork, vulture, swan, bald eagle, peregrine, jackdaw, quetzal, crested jay.
owl (noun)
Bird Of Minerva, hooter, bird of night.

Other synonyms:

bird of minerva
Bird Of Minerva.
Other relevant words:
bird of night, night bird, bird of prey, Bird Of Minerva, nocturnal bird, hooter.

Usage examples for owl

  1. Hooty the Owl had flown away without seeing him, and Sammy breathed easier. – The Adventures of Mr. Mocker by Thornton W. Burgess
  2. No, sir, little folks like Mr. Frog, the tailor, certainly don't like to have any visits from Solomon Owl when Solomon has a fine appetite. – The Tale of Cuffy Bear by Arthur Scott Bailey
  3. As for Mother Growler- I did say, remarked Bruin, taking some feathers out of his mouth, that I never would eat another owl unless it was plucked. – The Joyous Story of Toto by Laura E. Richards