Synonyms for Ounce:


area, carat, measure, BMI, are, ct, Centigram, acre, cu, avoirdupois ounce, cubic, fluid ounce, one sixteenth of a pint. dab, Ort, smidgen, minim, trifle, bit, iota, dash, grain, particle, molecule, crumb, whit, shred, dram, mite, drop, jot, dot, big, modicum, scruple, tittle, speck, scrap, fragment, spot. ounce (noun)
Panthera Uncia, snow leopard, apothecaries' ounce, troy ounce.
the least bit (noun)
diddly, whit, hoot, big, rap, jot, shred, iota.

Other synonyms:

minim. mite, Ort, smidgen, modicum, tittle, particle, molecule. crumb, speck, scrap, dot, scruple, fragment, dram. grain. drop, spot, bit, trifle. the least bit
hoot, shred, jot, whit, iota, diddly.
Other relevant words:
bit, molecule, ct, dab, whit, snow leopard, jot, crumb, dot, dash, scrap, apothecaries' ounce, iota, troy ounce, Centigram, big, mite, particle, spot, dram, hoot, carat, measure, Ort, grain, area, tittle, shred, minim, BMI, cu, trifle, diddly, acre, are, drop, rap, fragment, modicum, scruple, smidgen, cubic, Panthera Uncia, speck.

Usage examples for ounce

  1. Sir, I have never slept an hour less, nor eat an ounce less meat. – Dr. Johnson and His Circle by John Bailey
  2. Remember, every added ounce is against you. – The Magnetic North by Elizabeth Robins (C. E. Raimond)