Synonyms for Carp:


chub, Koi, bream. lodge, pick to pieces, niggle, kick up a fuss/stink/argument, quibble, nitpick, support, take something further, raise the roof, pettifog, mutter. carp (noun)
chicane, cavil.
find fault (noun)
criticize, bother, censure, nag, complain.
fish (noun)
flounder, bass, hammerhead, perch, smelt, tuna, catfish, Sting ray, sole, bluegill, minnow, pike, barracuda, Mudfish, sardine, goby, anchovy, char, gar, trout, fish, marlin, dogfish, halibut, kipper, flatfish, sturgeon, shark, blackfish, herring, mackerel, albacore, tarpon, lamprey, ray, eel, grouper, fluke, sunfish, walleye, haddock, guppy, bowfin, pickerel, rainbow trout, turbot, sailfish, whitefish, puffer, salmon, goldfish, hake, crappie, swordfish, sea horse, speckled trout.


communication (verb)
chicane, cavil.
nag (verb)
bother, cavil, quibble, complain, criticize, censure, nitpick.

Other synonyms:

complain, pettifog, chub, nitpick, niggle, Koi. bream. quibble. niggle
pick to pieces.
pettifog, cavil, quibble, chicane.
Other relevant words:
niggle, chicane, criticize, mutter, quibble, pettifog, nag, bother, nitpick, Koi, cavil, censure, chub, pick to pieces, complain.

Usage examples for carp

  1. The carp took a plunge to refresh herself, then reappearing on the surface she said: Thanks, Avenant, for having saved my life. – Bo-Peep Story Books by Anonymous