Synonyms for Blight:


injure, damage, hurt, take its toll, stain, harm, disfigure, spoil. disease, canker, oak apple, rust, Dutch Elm Disease. adversity (noun)
hard luck, poorness, calamity, trial, casualty, misfortune, grief, bane, peril, dolor, adversity, hardship, trouble, torment, hard times, poverty, rainy day, difficulty, bad luck, agony, catastrophe, disaster, burden, distress, misery, mishap, infliction, tragedy, misadventure, ordeal, curse, tribulation, woe, contretemps, affliction, destitution.
blight (noun)
corrosion (noun)
disease (noun)
mildew, withering, decay, scourge.
disease; plague (noun)
curse, canker, withering, woe, decay, mildew, affliction, scourge, bane.


ruin, destroy (verb)
damage, blast, injure, spoil, dash.
weather (verb)

Other synonyms:

Dutch Elm Disease, breakage, oak apple. disease, rust. canker, burnout, blister, nip. bruise. stain. chip, dash. break. burn. decomposition
Other relevant words:
dash, scourge, rust, damage, mildew, withering, canker, burn, decay, disease, breakage, injure, nip, plague, chip, stain, harm, blast, hurt, burnout, blemish, spoil.

Usage examples for blight

  1. A blight fell upon all workmanship in an hour. – Red Fleece by Will Levington Comfort
  2. Moreover, death does not blight love as the accidents of time and life do. – The Note-Books of Samuel Butler by Samuel Butler